7 Healthy Chia Seeds Recipes | Weight Loss | How to use Chia seeds | Breakfast to Dinner Recipes

7 Healthy Chia Seeds Recipes | Weight Loss | How to use Chia seeds | Breakfast to Dinner Recipes

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They might be tiny but Chia seeds are packed with major essential nutrients. They are excellent source of plant omega 3, calcium, magnesium, protein and fibre. All these nutrients are considered important if you are trying for weight loss. However a lot of you might not be sure of how to use or how to include Chia seeds in your diet. Hence, today I am going to share with you not just one or two but 7 healthy Chia Seeds Recipes For Weight Loss.

👉7 Healthy Chia Seeds Recipes :

1. Three Ways to Use chia seeds 00:45
2. Chia seeds Detox Water 02:12
3. Breakfast Chia seeds Smoothie 02:50
4. Chia seeds in salad 03:40
5. Chia seeds in Chilla 04:35
6. Chia Overnight oats 05:24
7. Chia seeds in MultiGrain pulao 06:12
8. Chia seeds Roti Roll 06:58

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