Chefs cooking Curries + Indian Breads on a Busy Evening | "Hungry Beast" Indian Vegan Kitchen London

Chefs cooking Curries + Indian Breads on a Busy Evening | "Hungry Beast" Indian Vegan Kitchen London

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6 May, 2024
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We absolutely love places like this; in this video we point our camera in the direction of the Indian Curries and Indian Bread making sections of the kitchen in which the chefs give us a insight into how they manage to quickly cook up delicious dishes, cooked to order.

This is a great Indian kitchen in the heart of London, not only that but also this is the UK's first Vegan Indian Kitchen. You read that right this is a 100% Vegan Kitchen (pure vegetarian) serving up all of the classic curry house dishes but without any form of dairy.

Notice how the curry and tandoor oven Chefs' remain so calm and keep their cool under such a fast paced environment.

Note that; in Indian restaurants, dishes are cooked on a very high heat which delivers a slight smokiness to the cooked food and gives that distinctive restaurant flavour, taste and character to a dish which cannot be replicated in the normal home kitchen.

Hungry Beast is one of our favourite places if we feel like eating an Indian Curry Takeaway meal; we find that the food does not fail to deliver on the taste factor plus the portion size of the food served up is very generous, they serve up restaurant quality food at Indian Street Food prices.

The guys at "Hungry Beast" are "Alchemists of Indian Vegan cooking, the following are just some of the curry dishes served up here:
* Vegan Chicken Bhuna
* Vegetable Jalfrezi
* Mushroom Bhaji
* Chana Masala
* Saag Aloo
* Garlic Chilli Chicken
* Vegan Garlic Chilli Prawns
* Black Dal Makhani
* Mixed Vegetable Bhaji
* Special Fried Rice
* Vegan Chicken (Murgh) Makhani
* Tarka Daal
* Tandoori Oven Vegan Butter Garlic Naan
* Vegan Meat Samosa
* Vegan Sheek Kebab
There are many more items on the menu which we didn't get to check out this time around......but this gives us even more of a reason to pay a return visit ASAP........wink, wink ;-)

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This is amongst one of the cleanest restaurant kitchens that we've had the pleasure to visit.

A special thank you to Ash, Chef Ash, Tandoori Chef Miah and all of the Hungry Beast team who welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their open kitchen to do the videoing.

Hungry Beast Indian Vegan Kitchen is located at: 87 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AG

If you have any questions, such as regarding their opening times you can phone them on: 020 3773 2117
or you can message them via their Instagram page: @hungry.beast.shoreditch

Video recorded on a very busy Sunday evening with non-stop food orders coming in.